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Eco Club

ECO-CLUB (Sensitivity to Environment)

1. Short films on cleanliness awareness were shown on 16.09.2017 on Ozone Layer with brief explanation.
Outcome: Students learned how can they help protect the Ozone Layer.

2. On 25.07.2017, Slogan writing & poster making competitions were organized by Eco Club. The programme concluded with interaction.
Outcome: students were motivated to save the environment and plant more tress.

3. The cleanliness awareness drive has been organized by Eco Club on 2.10.2017. With students, teachers and discussion among the participants.
Outcome: Students came to know that Clean India - Healthy India mission can be fulfilled only when all of us engage in cleanliness activities. Each and every students citizen should join hands in making India Clean.

4. In order to generate awareness about waste management a collage making competition was organized by Eco Club on 13.02.2018.
Outcome: Students came to know how they can manage waste and sustain the environment.

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