Aim & Objectives

To aware the students regarding their legal rights and duties to transform them in useful citizens and apprise them about different laws and regulations to prevent them from exploitation in the hands of others.
All round development of the personality.
1. At the time of admission approx. 100 students are enrolled every year.
2. Every year approximately 30 students are given prizes in Annual Function under Legal Literacy Club.

Students' Achievements | Session 2015-16

Sr. No. Student's Name Course Event Position Organised By Incharge
1 Priyanka, KajalB.A. -IIDistt. Level Quiz Contest Under Red Cross Cell3rdHindu College of Education, SonepatDr. Seemant
2 PriyankaB.A. -IIDistt. Level Power Point Presentation2ndGVM college SonipatDr. Seemant
3 PoonamB.Com -IIIDistt. Level Painting Comp.3rdLegal Cell, Govt. College, GohanaDr. Seemant
4 KajalB.A. -IDistt. Level Eng. Essay Writing Comp., Division Level English Essay Writing Comp.2ndLegal cell, Govt. College, GohanaDr. Seemant
5 NidhiB.A. -IDistt. Level Slogan Writing Competition 2ndLegal Cell, Govt. College, GohanaDr. Seemant
6 ReenuB.Com -IIDistt. Level Declamation Contest2ndLegal Cell, Govt. College, GohanaDr. Seemant
7 NidhiB.A. -IUniversity Level Slogan Writing Comp.2ndDeptt. of Mathematics & Anti Sexual Harassment Committee MDU, Rohtak Dr. Seemant